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Frequently asked questions

  • How does your writing company work?

    Our writing company provides quality academic help to students of all educational levels. We want to make using our paper writing service simple and convenient. For this reason, to get an original sample completed by our content specialists, you have to take only a couple of steps:

    • Complete the order form. Insert the details of your paper and upload the materials that you consider to be essential for preparing the task. If any concerns arise at this stage, click on the “Info” tab to have a better understanding of what information you have to specify.
    • Provide the payment. Choose the payment system that is appropriate for you. After doing this, you will automatically get your personal order page. There you can exchange messages with your writer, share additional requirements, and track the progress of your sample.
    • We assign a competent writer to work on your order. After our consultants study the details of your order and the instructions you have written, they will choose the most suitable academic expert to prepare a sample for you. Inform your helper if any special literature or software is needed to complete the task.
    • Your sample is finished and delivered to you. When a paper is ready, you will get a PDF preview version of it on your personal order page. An editable MS Word version of the text will be available for you when you select the “Approve” option, which is in the tab called “Files” on the same page.

    You can visit the order page of our service and send us your request right now.

  • Are your academic writers experienced?

    We hire the best freelance writers from different parts of the world. After passing a set of specialized tests and composing an essayon one of the suggested topics, those who have the most satisfying results become a part of our writing team. In such a way, the ordersyou place on our website are completed by specialists from the USA, Canada, and New Zealand. Thus, when choosingour academic service, you entrust your assignment to professionals.

  • Do you accept orders of any complexity level?

    Yes, we provide help with academic assignments of any level of complexity. This means you will get qualified assistance with either an essay, a book review, or an extended paper like a dissertation, a thesis, or a capstone paper. You can select the needed type of paper on the order page.

  • Will I get my order by the due date?

    Completing orders on time is a part of our academic service. You can choose our progressive delivery option and get a paper written by an expert of ours in parts. If you want to make the writing process effective and to speed it up, upload additional materials relevant to conducting research on your topic.

    Also, make sure the deadline you select is enough in case there’s a necessity to revise your paper and make changes to the text.

  • Is it possible to change the content of the finished paper?

    The content of your task can be easily changed if you request a free revision from our paper composition company. Providing minor changes in the structure or the text of your assignment will take our expert just a few hours. To request such help, you should click on the corresponding option, which you can find in the tab called “Files” on your personal order page.

    Yet, when your custom sample needs considerable transformations, request a full rewrite of it for an additional fee. Find more information about our revision policy.

  • Do you provide money compensation?

    Since we maintain a clear money-back policy, you can request a refund at any stage of completing your order if you choose to buy assignment from us. If the quality of the paper doesn’t suit your instructions, we will analyze your case and inform you about the results in less than 14 days. If you are dissatisfied with the paper for some other reason, our experts will consider your application within 3-4 days. You can find out more details about our financial compensations on our money-back guarantee page.

  • How will I know that my sample is ready?

    When your task is finished, we will send you a notification email. In it, you will find a link on your personal order page. Follow it to have a look at the PDF version of your paper. You will be able to download the MS Word version of your custom sample if you select the “Files” tab and click on the “Approve” option.

  • Can I be sure that my paper is original?

    We never sell ready-made samples to our customers. Every order we accept is completed from scratch according to your instructions. As a result, when you buy assignment online, you get a unique paper that fully meets your expectations. If you want to ensure that the content of your task doesn’t contain any copied parts, use professional plagiarism-detection software on our website.

  • Will anyone help me if I have any concerns?

    Sure. You can contact our support service, which is available online at any time from Monday 00:00 till Saturday 13:00 (UTC). You can call us, write us an email, or communicate with our assistants via live chat. Regardless of what you choose, we will eagerly help you with any question you have.

  • Do you check samples for plagiarism?

    When working with various sources of literature, our writers avoid using any sort of copied parts and similarities. Besides, when the paper is ready, we check it by the means of a special text analyzer so that you can get authentic writing services. Also, we provide a set of guarantees, which includes a plagiarism-free guarantee to make you feel secure when you buy an assignment online from us.

  • Can I request the same writer more than once?

    Definitely. If you are a returning customer, you may request a specific academic specialist to work on your paper. To select a certain expert, you have to click on the option “I want a specific writer” that you can find in the drop-down list while submitting your order on our website.

  • How can I get in touch with my writer?

    As you place an order and pay the needed sum for it, you will get a personal order page. There, you can exchange messages with your writing assistant, discuss the details of the order, as well as track the progress on your paper.

  • Can I change my instructions after the work on the paper has already started?

    You can change your paper’s instructions on your personal order page even when the writer has already started on it. Please note that if you opt for additional services, request a shorter deadline. Or, if you want your expert to prepare more pages on the topic of your research, you will have to provide an additional payment for it.

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