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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I pay someone to do my assignment on your website?

    We created this service to help busy students cope with excessive academic loads and to meet deadlines. If you do not have time to complete your essay or cannot find required sources, our writers will do it for you. All you need to do is to write all the requirements and leave your instructions in the order form. Then, we will send you a link and you can verify your order making a payment. The rest will be done by our writers. You set a deadline yourself, and the paper will come on time. Buying custom papers on our website is safe, fast, and easy.

  • How long will it take to write my assignment?

    Our writers can complete your paper as soon as you need it. You can set a deadline and you will get the finished assignment before the planned date. The minimum deadline is 8 hours, and this is enough time to complete several pages of an average college essay. If you need a complex paper, it will take more time from our writers. In general, we work fast and we can help you find a writer even for a complex order with a short deadline.

  • What personal information do I share when placing an order?

    Buying papers from us is secure and confidential. We require the bare minimum of your personal information to communicate effectively. All we need is your email address and your name. Your phone number is optional, and you can skip this field if you do not want to share it with us.

  • Is it safe to send you my personal information?

    We do not give your personal data to any third parties and we use it exclusively to process and deliver your order. Using our service, you share your email and phone number with us, and we are bound by our corporate policies to not share this data with any other services. Besides, you pay with your credit card using our website, which is also safe. Our payment pages have all the necessary security encryptions. That is why no one can steal the number of your credit card. Also, you will not get any spam from us in your inbox.

  • When will you receive my payment?

    As you pay for your order, you will receive a notification from the payment system within a minute. Shortly after that, you will receive a letter in your email account informing you that now you have a personal order page you can use to get all the information about the status of your paper. When you receive this email, it means we have seen your payment in our system. From this moment on, we start processing your task and looking for an available writer.

  • How can I pay to do my assignment using your website?

    We offer you to make a payment using your credit card. This procedure is fast and safe, as we work with reliable payment systems only, so you will hardly have any problems.

  • Can I get my money back?

    We return your money in a number of cases that you can also discover on our Money-back Guarantee page. If you accidentally pay twice for the same order, or if you cancel an order before a writer is assigned, we will return your money in full. In plenty of cases, we can partially refund you the cost of the paper.

  • Which subjects do your writers specialize in?

    We write papers in most disciplines that students take. Every day, we accept numerous orders for English 101, business studies, management, history, and psychology. Furthermore, we can offer you a paper in other subjects. Our writers have thorough knowledge of humanities, social sciences, business and administrative studies, and natural or applied sciences. You can choose the discipline you need in the respective field of the order form.

  • Can my writer complete a complex assignment?

    Except for essays, we provide complex assignments for college, university, and postgraduate students. If you need a research paper, thesis, or dissertation, consider buying it from us. We a team of writers who specialize exclusively in complex assignments in different disciplines. Besides, we have an option of progressive delivery that will make your life much easier if you order a complex paper. You can receive a large assignment in parts, and review and comment on them so that the writer can further edit them on time.

  • Can my writer not use complex academic language in my paper?

    Sometimes you do not feel right receiving an essay or article review written in scholarly language. On your request, our writers can use more natural but still academic wording. Let us know what complexity of language you would like to see in your paper, and our writers will do it exactly according to your demands. Also, we use simpler academic wording when you choose the level “college” in your order form. If you ask for a paper for the university level, it will be written in a more scholarly language.

  • What if I need to pass a multiple-choice test or online exam?

    These are tasks we cannot do for you. We will help if you are getting ready to submit a paper but are not sure about how to write this assignment or where to take your sources from. Our writers will gladly help you to complete an excellent paper of any type and complexity. For exams, however, try to remember everything teachers told you in the semester and we wish you good luck!

  • Can someone write my assignment for me if I do not have enough academic sources?

    Our writers can certainly do that. We allow you to attach the recommended literature you have in the “Additional materials” section. However, it is not a problem if you do not have the required materials or do not know where to find them. Just make sure you mention what studies your future paper should be based on and we will find them for you. We can also send you copies of sources used in your paper for a small fee.

  • Is any plagiarism possible in my paper?

    Plagiarism is out of the question for us. You will not find any information copied from other academic sources into your paper. Our writers thoroughly paraphrase ideas given in other studies to make your assignment truly unique. In addition, we check every paper with anti-plagiarism software to make sure no plagiarism can be found in the final draft of your paper.

  • How fast can a writer of yours complete my paper?

    It depends on how fast you need this paper done. We always allow you to set the deadline yourself and we guarantee that your assignment will come on time. Our writers are used to working within short deadlines, so you can have your essay done in 8 hours. Bear in mind that complex assignments require much more time to complete than an average college essay. That is why we recommend setting rather a long deadline for extensive papers.

  • Can I have a large assignment sent in parts?

    Yes, you can, and we call this function of our service a progressive delivery. It will be of a great help if you order a complex paper. A progressive delivery means that our writer sends you each part of your paper as soon as he or she has finished it. While the writer keeps working on the next section, you can look through the completed section, give your comments, and request a revision. Using a progressive delivery, you receive the maximum of your cooperation with the writer and constantly work to improve your complex assignment. In the end, you will get a higher quality of writing and save plenty of your own and your writer’s time.

  • I forgot the password to my personal page

    Forgetting your password is never a problem with our service. As you log in to your personal account, you can see the “Forgot your password?” button. In the window that pops up once you click the button, you can enter your email and a new password. You will immediately receive an email to help you enter your account. Clicking on the link in that email, you will be redirected to a new login page where you can enter your new password.

  • I want to delete my personal account

    If you do not need your personal account on our website, you can certainly delete it. There are several ways to do that. First, you can contact our data protection officer at He or she will accept your request and notify you once the account is deleted. Second, you can ask our support team to assist you. Once your account is deleted, you will lose your history of orders and available discounts. We recommend you to discover more about our privacy policy to learn more about how we do not misuse your personal data. Keeping your personal account, you can accumulate more bonuses and buy cheaper papers in the future.

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