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How to make school less stressful

Experiencing a significant amount of stress has become an inevitable part of the studying process. Stress has a huge impact on one’s mental health and productivity. For this reason, finding ways to make school less stressful can help students feel less frustrated, as well as have a variety of coping mechanisms at hand. Here are a few ideas to consider. Continue reading “How to make school less stressful” »

Drawbacks of Online Education

Online learning is a superb solution to the challenges we are facing these days. When the majority of students have no opportunity to attend college because of the pandemic, online education becomes a true salvation as it gives everyone a chance to continue studying and acquire knowledge in the fields they are interested in. However, everything is not as great as it sounds in terms of online learning. Here are a few drawbacks of online education. Continue reading “Drawbacks of Online Education” »

Benefits of online education

Today both education and workforce are moving online. As a result, more and more students are mulling over the possibility of getting their degree online. What is more, online learning helps one be better prepared for online work. However, the field of online education is still new which is why a lot of people are having doubts about it. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of online education which will hopefully help you decide whether it is something you wanna pursue.
Continue reading “Benefits of online education” »


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