Does Homework Actually Help?

Life is a survival of the fittest. As time goes by throughout the path of civilization’s development it becomes more and more obvious that the secret of staying alive comes down to being fit, both physically and intellectually.

In order to increase physical abilities, the modern world offers tips from gyms to training routines. Whereas to strengthen one’s intellectual abilities the same world mainly offers schools, colleges and of course homework. Due to pandemic, the offer of “brain exercises” gradually reduces to only one option – homework. Which sooner or later brings the logical question – does homework actually help our development? To answer this question honestly it is important to look at it from two main angles: how it can hurt and how it can help a young individual of our species.

How homework hurts

  1. Interferes with Your Spare Time

Homework makes you less available for your personal needs. Whichever you have in your mind – you have to always take care of your homework. Otherwise, your grades and your awareness of the subject will start to drop. So as the quality of your spare time.


  1. Inaccessibility to People

Being regularly busy with homework creates communication barriers between you, your family, your friends and people who might have become your friends. It lowers your chances to create, develop and improve your social skills and decreases the amount of your connections, which reflects on your personal status within your group.



  1. Abuse of Your Memory Abilities

Memorization is a major part of the homework routine. It does exercise your memory. However, most teachers openly or secretly jealously demand your complete dedication and focus primarily on their subject. Human brain was not designed to frustrate itself with heavy doses of (oftentimes) useless facts, formulas, quotes and someone’s interpretations of the world. Following these educational orders can create a mess in anyone’s head, which is not healthy for constructive thinking.



  1. Hatred Towards the Subject

Having an unprofessional, unfair, or simply a bad teacher can play a tremendously negative effect on your scientific curiosity. The whole mission of teachers is to pass the knowledge to their students. To succeed it is essential for them to inspire all of the students. The thing is that they are also the same people as anyone else. If for some reason they don’t like their students – teachers will make them hate their discipline even more throughout the homework. And as a result, having one additional homework from the teacher of physics will increase your chance of getting into something as electricity accident.


  1. Obtrusion with False Concept of Success

Chasing grades or even doing your best not to drop them can gradually formulate a wrong understanding of success from a very young age. It certainly does not help your abilities to see a bigger picture of the world and it may take years for you to rebuild and widen your way of thinking.




How homework helps

  1. Improvement of Skills to Work with Information

The biggest surviving advantage homework can have on individuals in a rapidly developing information society, is practicing the ability to store, process and use the information without the help of additional devices. Although homework does go over the top by forcing study too much, it is still one of the best training grounds to master your informational skills. It forces you to get into the course of the problem, adapt to it, break down all information into the smallest details, use your memory, and take actions.


  1. Habit to Cope with Intellectual Challenges

Most if not all people prefer to avoid solving intellectual problems. Having homework as part of your brain-training program creates better chances for you to become a person who can bravely accept the reality of challenges and deal with them with far less stress than others.


  1. Scientific Understanding of The World

Getting through the homework of the whole school program will formulate a great base of practical scientific mindset. That way you will not only review the most updated and valid theories that explain the rules of our universe (such as theory of the big bang, evolution etc.), but you will also get yourself accustomed to using this knowledge to your advantage in your everyday life.


  1. Practice Your Inner Discipline

Getting through the struggles of your homework will add more power of will to your character. In the long-term perspective it will benefit you in any other big and small aspects of your personal life. Whether it is getting up from the bed or accepting a highly paid job.



  1. Better Relationships with Classmates

Being intellectually useful to everyone in your class will make you more popular. Besides that, if you treat your reputation respectfully, it also means better chances of having more people to back you up in case of the personal struggle.


  1. Better Relationships with Teachers

Being known as someone who is responsible about homework assignments will make you more likable among teachers. Being in better relationships with your school or college teachers will make them more forgiving and supportive of your flaws. It will give you plenty of bonuses during the tests, exams and as a result – it will positively reflect in your educational certificate.



Since homework contains both negative and positive factors, the trick of making it work for you is to solve this puzzle properly. If you manage to successfully prioritize, breakdown and complete your homework without hating it, it will bring you benefits. It is okay if you fail. But if you accept educational failure as your destiny, homework will only hurt your time and your intellectual potential.


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