How Much Writing an Essay on Your Own Actually Costs You

One of the key skills every student should have is saving money. You never know what kind of an emergency situation might happen. As soon as you begin a new stage in your life, you have to learn how to behave responsibly. Apart from the daily and monthly expenses, there is a student loan issue. That is why students try to stay within the budget and have a detailed plan. It is also one of the reasons why you might choose to struggle with the writing assignments on your own instead of hiring an expert to help you. The misconception of spending too much money on tutors does not let you enjoy the benefits of custom writing. It is a myth. Especially when it comes to writing short essays.

You have probably never considered the hidden cost of doing the writing assignments without any assistance. It seems like you are saving money when you can actually spend more than you would after ordering an essay online. It may sound improbable but sometimes spending too much energy on something you are not excited about is not worth it. Let’s consider a case where you need to write a history essay and don’t want (or have no time) to do it.

Monetary Losses

Let’s start with the money you will supposedly save. Imagine that the essay is due tomorrow morning and you will have to stay up late to finish it. Naturally, you will need a lot of coffee not to fall asleep and stay focused. Unless you are planning to procrastinate by cooking a dinner for yourself, you will have to order pizza and eat some chips. Also, you might need to eat some chocolate to activate the brain cells and write faster. If you look at the average prices, you will end up spending around $39:

  • coffee, 3 cups – $15
  • chips – $3
  • pizza – $17
  • chocolate candy – $4

Instead, you could have ordered a perfectly written sample essay on the topic of your choice at for $30 (1 page, ready in 8 hours). You would have a healthy dinner (hopefully, in case you were not planning to order pizza anyway) and go to bed earlier.

Moral Damages

We all know that money is not the most important thing in the world, right? There are many things we value more. Let’s look at some of the opportunities you had to give up because of the urgent writing assignment:

  • you will not meet with friends you haven’t seen in a while because you need to turn in your essay tomorrow morning;
  • you will not go visit your family and spend some quality time with them;
    you will not finish an important project because there is no time for coping with both assignments;
  • you will not have a relaxing time watching a new episode of your favorite TV show;
  • you will not have a healthy sleep and will be sleep deprived the next day.

As you can see, writing an essay on your own is not always more efficient. This is only one example of how you can stay within the budget and become more productive without spending too much energy on homework. Analyze every option you have before rejecting it. You will see that the stereotypes you have often stand in the way of reaching your goals using better solutions to the problems.


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