Writing a Paper While High: Should You Try It?

The concept of writing a paper while high seems very exciting. You are as relaxed as you can possibly be and can cope with any assignment. Is it worth trying, though? Let’s look at the positive and negative sides of the question. Perhaps, this approach will result in finding the right answer.

What Can Go Right

Creativity starts to flourish. If you have ever experienced a writer’s block, you will not have to look for inspiration while high. You will have millions of ideas and all of them are going to seem brilliant to you. The only thing left for you to do is to pick the best one and stick to it while writing your paper.

Less pressure, more freedom. When you doing homework, you might feel a great pressure of not being able to find the right answer or choose the right approach. The fear of failure is always there over your shoulder, waiting for you to get desperate. When you are high, this feeling seems so insignificant to you, that you do not even focus on it. It seems like there is an eternity to finish your paper and there is no reason to hurry or get nervous.

It is fun to experiment. No one will deny this fact. If your goal is to have fun and try something new, why not do it? After all, college is the right time and place to do it. Just make sure you have enough time to rewrite the paper afterward if this experiment shows unpleasant results.

What Can Go Wrong

Too many thoughts. Some students say that being high is not helpful when it comes to writing papers because it is difficult to concentrate. The common comment is that you can hear every conversation in the room full of people but can’t make sense of it. The same might happen during the process of writing. It might be impossible to focus on just one thought and start writing.

Bad experience that turns into a nightmare. The outcome of this experiment depends on many factors including your current mood. If you are preoccupied with something and worry about many things, you might get into a trap of your emotions. It will seem like the world is plotting an evil plan against you, you can trust no one. It will unquestionably not be helpful while working on your introductory paragraphs.

The result may be disappointing. While you are high, the paper you’ve written might seem spotless to you. But once the effect is gone, you see the sad reality – your paper looks like ramblings of a very strange person who does not know what she is talking about, unfortunately. The only way to fix it is to rewrite the whole thing.

What Conclusion Can You Make?

Although the idea of effortless writing seems very attractive, it can result in a waste of time and energy. It is impossible to predict the consequences and the final results. That is why we would not recommend you try it. It is a lot safer to use an online service like ours to get immediate assistance from the experienced writers. Just place an order and have fun. We do not need to know in what specific way you will spend those extra hours you save on writing boring papers. Just know that you will score high effortlessly.


I had a bad experience in terms of getting the job done. I could not concentrate but was very relaxed and calm. It’s a pity that this approach does not work for me. Otherwise, writing essays would not be so boring.


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