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Frequently asked questions

  • It depends on the initial deadline of your order, the time the writer has already spent on your paper, and the remaining time. If it is not the tightest deadline possible for writing a quality custom paper, you can shorten the deadline for an additional payment after clarifying with the dissertation writer if it is possible. If the deadline you want to set is adequate and allows us to complete the requested number of pages sufficiently, feel free to set it. The main condition is to acknowledge it in advance.

  • Yes. If you are using our service for the first time and do not know which writer to choose, you can order Writer Samples, which are three random pages of an expert’s papers, which will give you an understanding of the writing style of this professional.

    You can choose:

    • The best dissertation writers for hire available, which is a writer suggested by the support team according to your discipline and academic level
    • An advanced writer, who has a relatively narrow but proficient specification
    • An ENL writer, whose native language is English

    Furthermore, if you have already used our service, you can request the same writer as you had last time you submitted an order.

  • If you receive your paper and feel it does not match the original instructions, you can request a free revision at any moment. If you realize your assignment fits the instructions but it is still not quite what you expected, you can request a minor or a major revision depending on the share of the work that requires change. All you need to do is point out what parts of the writing do not meet your expectations. However, if you see you could write your paper better, you can request a refund for your paper and explain what is wrong with it.

  • Unfortunately, we only work with the instructions that you add in the corresponding field or upload as files. We value your privacy, which is why we strongly recommend you not to share the details of your personal or corporate accounts from any service. If eventually you have problems with your third-party accounts, we do not take responsibility for that. Thus, take a minute to secure your privacy and upload all the files necessary for your paper!

  • If you realize you want to add something to your paper, or you want to specify the topic or update us on any technical aspects, you can contact our support staff, and they will let you know if it is possible. However, it depends on the deadline of the order and the weight of the change in your instructions.

    You can contact your writer directly or leave your request via the support team. With adequate time and instruction alterations, it is negotiable to change something before the writer started the work. Nonetheless, your initial instructions are our top priority.

  • If a writer has taken your order, it means that he or she has read your instructions thoroughly and understood all parts of it. However, if our dissertation writers have any questions regarding your assignment, they will contact you and clarify all the controversial aspects of it. If there are not enough details about your order or we cannot access the sources for it, that might be a complication. The more understandable your instructions are, the faster your work is taken in progress.

  • Yes. We have professional dissertation writers from all over the world, and you can choose one based on the samples from each. You can check random extracts of the work of any writer and figure whether it is appropriate for your task. Additionally, you can message a writer directly or notify your style preferences in the paper’s instructions, and he or she will do his or her best to adjust to the style you write in.

  • If your professor suggests revising the paper, you can request the original writer to revise it. Write or attach the instructions for the revision and send it to us. You can attach files even when the assignment is done. So, if the instructions are directly in your document, you can upload it for us to fix.

  • The writer accepts and completes the assignment based on the original instructions you provide when you submit the order. If you request a revision with the initial instructions changed, we will have to reject it. If you need your paper to be revised with the updated guidelines, request a revision for an additional payment. Depending on the share of the paper you want to change, it can be a major or a minor revision.

  • Yes. Let alone the option of choosing as many sources used in your paper as you need, you can have all of them attached to your academic work. It goes without saying that every source will be properly cited in the assignment.

  • It is possible to order a presentation instead of a paper. In this case, you need to note how many slides you need and whether or not you need any sources for the slides. It is also possible to make papers with charts, pictures, or other illustrations.

  • You choose the deadline for your order. We can do a paper really fast, but the shortest deadline we handle is 8 hours. If you need a paper for tomorrow’s class, ordering it tonight will work just fine. The more time you have until the deadline, the easier it will be for our writers and the cheaper it will be for you. Nonetheless, if it is urgent, we still can help.

  • We have professional writers with different specialties and interests. When you place your order, we suggest it only to writers who work within your discipline. Moreover, we assign orders only to those who examined the instructions and are confident that they will write thoughtful and quality papers.

  • We complete all works based on the authentic instructions you provide. All of our papers are plagiarism-free and contain original thoughts on the topic required. Just to make sure there is no accidental plagiarism, we check our texts in plagiarism-detection software. If we need to quote an original text, we acknowledge it with a proper citation in any academic style you need.

  • You do not need to speak to the same support member to get help or an answer. All of our support team members are there for you at any time of day or night and are equally competent in answering questions regarding the progress of your order, the options for how to pay for dissertation, deadlines, and paper details. If you cannot reach the person you talked to before, feel free to ask a different support member, who will be glad to help you.

  • If you suddenly realize that you do not need your paper, contact our support team as soon as possible, and call the order off. Explain why you need to cancel your order, and we will return your money.

  • All the information about our customers is confidential. We do not share your essentials and identification details with anyone. So, even your writer does not know your name or contact information, and can reach you only through our website communication system. For that reason, we strongly recommend not to provide your personal data in the order form, such as logins or passwords.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot do this for a number of reasons. Your final grades depend on the knowledge you gain, and tests must demonstrate your knowledge. We can help you with the writing part to save you time, but we cannot learn for you. As for our writers, it will be challenging to estimate the effort that he or she would put into completing a multiple-choice test. In addition, we recommend you not to share your login details with anybody.

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