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Frequently asked questions

  • We have only professional dissertation writers with sufficient training and specialization in their particular field of study. Our writers have immense experience in writing academic papers in different formats and disciplines. Additionally, we can find the most suitable writer for your particular discipline, topic, or any other requirements. So, you can be sure the person working on your assignment knows the subject matter and its peculiarities.

  • As we work only with the custom instructions you provide when submitting an order, it is at least difficult to find anything identical on the internet. Our writers create original ideas for your paper and document the sources they use to support the arguments in your paper. They follow all the rules of citations while referencing sources for any format you need your paper in. Additionally, we check all of our works with plagiarism-detection software.

  • We have dissertation writers for hire from all over the world, which means we can easily find a writer that will match your requirements perfectly. Just note that you are a non-native English speaker.

    Apart from that, you can choose a writer among our advanced ones, who have a narrow professional specialization in your topic or request an ENL writer. Regardless of your choice, we will find the best-matching writer for your order. If you are hesitating about the choice, go ahead and check the writer’s samples. Then, you will see whether his or her style is alright for you.

  • If you have received a paper, and think there is room for improvement, you can request a revision for your order. Revisions are free, so you can use them until you are fully satisfied with the work and it matches your initial instructions completely. To get your paper revised, you should indicate what is not followed in the instructions you gave in the first place, and we will make all the adjustments necessary.

    If you need to change the initial instructions, you can request a minor or a major revision depending on how much material you want to change. The best way to avoid revisions is giving precise and unambiguous instructions. If you find your paper is completely wrong, you can request a refund.

  • You can receive a notification about the status of your order at any time per your request. When we find a writer, we instantly notify you about it. When the writer applies to complete your assignment, you can communicate with him or her directly via our website or our support team members. It is useful if you want to know about the progress of your paper, whether or not the instructions are clear, or to clarify any aspect of your concern. Moreover, if it takes too long to find you the best writer, we will notify you so you can specify the instructions and manage your time.

  • You can see all the sources used in your work on the bibliography page at the end of your work. We use only credible sources to make your arguments valid and comprehensive. These are peer-reviewed scholarly articles or books from reputable publishers. It is up to you how many sources must be in your work. However, if you want to study the subject matter on your own, you can order the copy of the sources used.

  • Writers’ samples is an option for you to check whether you like the style in which your writer works. When you choose this option, you receive three randomly picked pages from his or her previous works. The samples will give you an understanding of the topics that the writer is proficient in, his or her manner of writing, and overall professionalism. If you do not click with the samples, we will find you another writer, which will save you money and time.

  • If you need to present your work in front of your teachers and colleagues, we can also make the slides for your speech. It will be logically connected with the structure of your work and give you speaker’s notes on the most significant parts of the paper. Additionally, we can make the visual materials for your work and present the information with charts, graphs, and other illustrations relevant in your case. All you need to do is tell us about it in your initial instructions.

  • If your initial instructions are not followed fully, you can request a free revision for your paper. However, if you ask for a revision with the altered instructions, it is now qualified as a writer’s responsibility. In the case you need to change instructions or introduce additional ones when the paper is completed, you may need to request a minor or a major revision for your order and note the changed parts of the instructions.

  • If you do not have a certain topic for your paper, but you do have a discipline to write within and the general instructions for the paper, we can come up with the topic for you. Still, it is best to provide as many instructions for the order as possible, including the limitations. It will allow you to avoid revisions and misunderstandings. You can agree on the topic with the writer directly or ask our support team to tell you a possible topic before starting the work. If you have a large work to complete and you do not have a topic, you can order a proposal with a detailed explanation of the relevance of the subject matter and a plan for further research.

  • As our writers work from all over the world, your timezones and, consequently, sleeping patterns may mismatch. If you send a message to your writer, but he or she does not respond, do not worry. Our support department will make sure the writer will get your message and respond as soon as they are available. In any case, the writer will read your message and complete the assignment accordingly and on time.

  • It depends on your own deadline and the time you save to submit your work on time. If you know that it is a major work, it is better for you to order in advance. It will save you money and allow you to study your work before the final deadline. Besides, if you order a large paper in advance, you can use the progressive delivery option and receive your dissertation part by part or chapter by chapter with an assigned deadline for each section.

  • No, unless you tell anyone. We keep all the information you provide confidential and do not disclose it to anyone. In fact, your selected writer does not even know your name. We only request relevant information to contact you and to write your paper sufficiently. We also strongly recommend you not to provide your personal details, such as logins or passwords, to third-party services. So, only you can possibly know about our assistance, and your personal information is perfectly secure.

  • If the writer starts the progress of the assignment, it means that he or she understands it fully and they do not have questions about it. If there are any unclear aspects of your paper, the writer will contact you and ask for specifications, if needed. However, if the work is in the process, everything is alright. You can ask your writer directly just in case.

  • Yes, our team of writers and support staff works 24/7, so you can contact us and place your order at any time of the day or night. This is why we can handle even the tightest deadline for your paper. You can also contact us with any questions you have or specify some issues whenever you want.

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