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Frequently asked questions

  • It depends on how fast you need your paper. Using our service, you can set a deadline for your order. The minimal deadline is 8 hours, and our writers can complete several pages of a college essay in that time. We recommend to place your order in advance so that your writer has enough time to do research. However, we also can find a writer who will help you if you need your paper urgently.

  • After you fill in the form and place the order, we analyze and assign it to an available writer. However, you can directly influence our choice. Paying extra $5 for your order, you can get samples of your writer’s previous works. If you do not like your writer, we can assign a different specialist to you. If you are a return customer, you can certainly choose one of the specialists who has done your papers before.

  • If you have books, studies, or any other sources that should be included into your paper, you can easily attach them while filling in the order form. There is a section called “Additional materials” right below the “Paper instructions” field. There you can attach studying materials as well as your own research files available in doc or pdf formats. But do not worry if you do not have the necessary literature at hand. Our writers will find it and complete the paper according to your demands.

  • Use your personal order page to find the current status of your paper and stay in touch with your writer. Here you can see a writer’s progress, get the draft of your paper, ask for a revision, and download a printable MS doc version of the final document. You will get a link to your personal order page once you make a payment. Here you can also see whether a writer has been assigned to your order.

  • On your personal order page, you can have a chat with the writer who is working on your assignment. You can ask questions concerning your paper, and the writer will answer them promptly. It is fast and easy, and more effective than contacting support, as you can get all the answers directly from your writer. Do not hesitate to use chat to know about every stage of your order.

  • You can pay an extra fee and get your paper days or hours earlier than the deadline. We have to charge you to compensate for the urgency. The extra fee will be calculated according to the complexity of the order and the time your writer has to complete it. We always say it is better to place your order in advance. However, it is not a problem if you need this paper sooner than you thought.

  • Looking through your paper on the personal order page, you can ask for a revision. Using the revision button, you can comment on what should be changed or improved in the paper. Our aim is to provide a high-quality service so that if something is not right with the paper, do not hesitate to ask your writer to change it. We guarantee a free revision in case the paper does not correspond to the requirements you put in the order form.

  • As you place a revision of your paper, you also set a deadline for it. You can agree upon the deadline with your writer so that both of you are comfortable with the time limit. Also, take into account how many changes should be done to the paper. If it is minor editing, your assignment can be ready in a few hours.

  • We always guarantee the timely delivery of orders to our customers. However, on very rare occasions, deadlines can be violated. In case this happens, you will get a refund. Its amount depends on how much time has passed since the deadline. Such cases are very rare, as we ensure the positive experience of customers. Be sure that we give a refund if the writer fails to send the paper to you on time.

  • To make you feel secure while using our service, we can give your money back on several occasions. You can read about them in our Money Back Guarantee policy. In brief, you get your payment back in full if you cancel the order before a writer is assigned to you. It also refers to cases when you paid twice for the same order or placed two identical orders. If any of these situations happen, contact our customer support team. You can also get a partial refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of writing or if the order comes late. We never ignore customers who faced any problems using our service, and we do not charge you for our writer’s mistakes.

  • If you placed the same order twice or changed your mind, it is not a problem. Make sure that you contact our support service as soon as you decide to cancel the order. If you do that before we assign a writer to it, we can give a full refund. If the writer has already started to work on your paper, you will get a partial refund.

  • Our writers can complete your paper earlier than expected if you have an academic emergency. You just have to make an extra payment and compensate the writer for this urgency. If your writer cannot complete the order as early as you need, we will find a specialist who can do that. Therefore, do not hesitate to place an order if you need your paper quickly.

  • As you fill in the order form, you can see short descriptions under each field. They will help you add all the necessary information about your order. However, if you made a mistake and put the wrong number of pages or deadline, contact our customer support team to update the information. We will change your requirements as soon as possible, and it is very likely that your accidental mistake will not influence the work of our writers. Anyways, try to contact us before we assign a writer to your order.

  • If you need a term paper for college or university, you can surely buy it from our writers. Choose the type of the assignment, determine its academic degree, and specify your discipline in our order form. Ordering term papers is fast and easy on our website. You do not have to worry, as the assignment will be finished on time.

  • We can certainly include your own work alongside other academic sources while completing a term paper. Your teacher will be glad to see that your final assignment is connected to the research you did during the semester. You can save your files in a doc or pdf version and attach them in the “Additional materials” section. Also, make a short note about your research in the “Customer’s instructions” field for the writer to better understand the task.

  • Our website offers prices that are actually affordable for students. They start from $11 for a one-page college essay with a 14-day deadline. We calculate prices according to the number of pages, the deadline, and complexity of the paper. If you choose any extra materials (samples of your writer’s works, progressive delivery, copies of sources, or any graphic materials) we include their cost in the total price of your order. As a result, you get satisfying service at a reasonable price.

  • We hire only qualified writers. All of them specialize in a narrow area. Therefore, if you need a research paper in management, for example, we will assign this task to a writer who mostly works with assignments in this discipline. We understand that it is impossible to be an expert in everything. That is why we have a large team of writers who specialize in different disciplines.

  • On our website, you can order various papers, from a college essay to a PhD dissertation. Using your requirements, our writers will complete a paper that exactly corresponds to the level of your institution. Note that a university-level essay will be written in high academic language and it may involve complex terms. If you do not need complex academic wording in your essay, you may choose the level “college.”

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